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You want to really book us?

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We love the idea. Others love it, too (see the picture above).

(Kassel, 7.11.2010)

  • Time?

  • We can play a concert with about 13 members depending on the chosen programme. But it is hard to get everything coordinated, and we cannot play 20 concerts in a year. If you want to book us outside of Germany it should only be possible in holiday times and must be organized early — a least half a year before the actual date.

  • Programme?

  • — Our repertoire last for about eight hours.
    — We can play pure Klezmer programmes but also mix with other genres.
    — We can present Yiddish songs to sing along, mixed with some other pieces. We can send you templates of the song sheets to be copied for the audience.
    — We can offer an evening focused on Yiddish songs.
    — And you can pick your own choice from our Repertoire depending on the actual line-up.

    The rest of it

    Yes, it is about money, too. We do not intend to get rich with what we do but if we should travel all the costs should be met somehow.

    Why not just ask us? Send us a Mail!

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