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Last actualized May 22nd, 2024

  • Sat May 25th 4 p.m.: Concert in Hofgeismar, Café Gesundbrunnen, organized by Kulturforum Hofgeismar

  • Fr 7.6. 19 Uhr Cinema Lumière Göttingen: Before the movie "I am dancing inside — the Klezmer Project" 30 minutes music live with KlezPO

  • Sun June 16th 15 a.m.: Jewish Cultural Days Göttingen, KlezPO sings and plays Jewish songs, part of the Jewish Cultural Days organized by Jüdisches Lehrhaus Göttingen e.V. at Rote Straße 34, Göttingen

  • Sat September 14th 6 p.m. One hour of fine music at St.-Petri-Church Göttingen-Grone

  • Sat November 9th 8 p.m. Remembering the pogrome, St.-Petri-Church Göttingen-Weende

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